Legally Inspiring!

Everyone enjoys what is trending in society and share it with CNC/laser inspired work. Unfortunately, most is copyright material that to use and sell legally requires licensing and permission which can be onerous. One place to look is in the public domain. Even though Wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland have been made into movies, the actual books and pictures contained therein can be used without the need for permission.

I have to give credit to Zack Kaplan and his link to Zen and the art of making for this inspiration!

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Can you further explain why there is no need for permission?
I would assume someone has copy rights to the material?
Is there an expiration period?

Here is quick explanation.

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List of legitimately free / shared clipart sources at:

(as well as a link to licensing and a discussion of how to find things which you then need to work out if they can be legally used or no)

There should be a link NFL licensing β€” anyone have it handy?