Lego Mini Fig Display Case

Just finished the first real project on my new 1000. My grandson has way too many Lego Mini Figs and wanted a better storage method than a plastic shoe box. Getting the 2mm high pins just the right diameter and spacing took some experimenting but finally found the right combinations.

The overall case is about 24" x 32". The 11 individual shelves took about 22 minutes each to carve. I know this may seem long but the spacing between the pins was about .002 less than an 1/8" bit could cut so it had to come at them from two sides meeting in the middle.

The sides were even slower at 56 minutes each but mostly because I didn’t have a 1/4" downcut bit for these deep grooves. My upcut tore out the pine a good amount particularly when it exited the piece 90 degrees to the grain. So they were cut with an 1/8" downcut which delivered nice clean cuts but slow. Also, there is an unseen full length dado on the backside to countersink the 1/4" plywood back plus another 3/8" depth to accommodate the cleat type mounting bracket I built-in. I could have made these MUCH quicker on my tablesaw but it was a great learning experience. Time well spent.

My grandson was very pleased and working on filling it up when the full view photo was taken.


I love it I was just working on trying to get accurate studs.

Would you mind sharing the lego pieces fusion 360 file?

thats sweetness

The project was created in am old drawing app I use called DrawPlus then saved as a SVG and imported into easel. Here is a link to the easel project - Lego Pins 4_9mm.

Also here is the SVG file - Lego Pin 4-9mm.SVG

I will say getting the pins just right took some messing with measured size and bit size. Although my bit measured .124 entering it at .125 with the pins drawn at 4.9mm yielded a nice snug fit. I really wanted to use water based varnish for the finish but was concerned about the pin swelling. Went with oil based and it worked out well as the finish only tightened things up a little. I suggest experimenting before the final cuts. The tolerances are tight if you want a nice grip.

Awesome work!

Wow this is gorgeous work you did here, love it. Also being a Lego enthusiast I gotta try this.