Length along Y axis of slide vs workspace discrepancy

When I went to attach my assembled 1000mm machine to the assembled workspace I noticed a gap between the plates and the extrusions underneath the wasteboard. Is this normal? It seems the plates will need to bend a little in order to get tight. The Y axis slides are 1000mm long. Under the waste board is 958mm extrusion + 40mm (lateral extrusion width x2 pieces ) = 998mm. What is the purpose of the extra 2mm? Did I miss something?

Noticed this as well. Just went with it. Seems ok

There should not be a gap. Can you please measure the waste board and the extrusions?

The waste board should be 998. The extrusions should be 958 and the two ends are 20mm each. 958+20+20=998

Do you have a part out of tolerance?


The gap is intentional, but you have it in the wrong place. The extrusions in the X direction should be bolted to the end plates. This moves the gap to the interior extrusions in the Y direction. The gap is to make sure the MakerSlide sets the distance and an oversized 20x20 piece does not create an interference.

@BartDring I see what you mean though the official instructions say to get all the extrusions underneath tight. Then on the next step it says to attach the machine. It seems like 2mm is a lot of a gap. If only the gussets are keeping the extrusions square and they are not fitted tightly to one another perpendicularly don’t you think it would be less rigid?


We are reviewing the instructions now. I see that they are not correct for the intent of the design. The cross members are primarily there to support the wasteboard. The wasteboard provides all the rigidity we need.

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Ok. That’s what I was hoping to hear lol. This is a bit more difficult though as I will need to get under the wasteboard to tighten the gussets after the machine has been attached1

are the Y rails 998 or 1000?