Length of hours the machine can run

Has anyone ran their X-Carve Pro for 16 hours straight before? Is there limits to the length of cycle times we can run these machines at? I have a carve that is going to take 14+ hours to cut and didn’t want to overheat the controller.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the controller, I haven’t turned off mine in maybe four months or so (just blow air threw it to make sure are dust free before a long carve).
as for how long your cnc can run, I have run mine up to 40hrs straight with three tool cutter changes.

Jeffery, the only concern that I would have is possibility of fire due to the workpiece coming loose… Here’s the scare video that’s often circulated about this sort of a concern.

Now If you’re going to be in the shop for those 16 hours, then that’s the best option and the 16 hour carve should be fine as long as you don’t have the comms issue that XCP’s occasionally see.

I would also ensure that $1=255 is set so that IF the cnc does drop comms, the CNC doesn’t continue to drop into the workpiece while the spindle is on.

Is that a XCP or a Standard X-carve? I think Jeff was asking for specific to XCP…

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