Length of time xcarve should run at a time

Just wondering what the recommended maximum length of time the xcarve should run before giving it a break. I am not really worried about the controller but the dewalt router more than anything. I have a project I need to do and estimated roughing pass is 1110 minutes. Can’t really do it in stages because it’s a 3D carving.

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The longest I’ve had so far was 6 hours. As long as the brushes are good I think you’ll be okay. Let us know how it turns out.

It will be a little bit before I run it but I will definitely post on here the results. I ran the small version of my project last weekend. It took 9 hours. I may wait until it cools down a bit more then set it up.

I’ve run it for about 22 hours successfully (that was a two stage carve so there was a break at the 5 hour mark to change bits.

11hrs was my longest run no issues

well guys , I was putting my 1000 to test it’s limits . well it just finished a 11" x 9" high details carve .
well it ran for 45hrs. with three bit and/or cutter changes ( just pull it off and cut the tabs .20201112_160750|419x500


wow thats awesome!

That came out looking good. Nice job.

Excellent job!

thanks guys

Beautiful piece of work.
You can be very proud of that.

That’s beautiful. Well done

Beyond words; Beautiful!!!