Lesson learned (home the machine)

Well, I just learned the hard way (of course) that you should always re-home if you shut off the software (Easel).

I closed the web browser, but didn’t move the machine. When I started it up again to do the second part of the carve I unlocked without homing and used the “last position” feature and it plunged the router/bit straight in.

By the time I stopped the machine, it had burrowed the collet nut at least 1/4" into the acrylic sheet, annealing it. Took a lot of effort to break it free without damaging anything. Fortunately, it only cost me a 3/16 bit.

Cheers mate! :beers:

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Do I get any points for the posthole I dug through my wasteboard? I mean, talk about being nuts deep in plastic! Literately!


@PhilJohnson, if I ran a homing cycle before trying to carve (but after restarting Easel) I would have been ok? The work zero would have been saved on the controller?

Pretty sure that Easel doesn’t use a coordinate system that is saved so no, it would have been lost.

I’m thinking the work zero is saved in the controller (if not powered down). I could be wrong. And is based off of current machine zero.

i.e.: machine zero (x,y,z) + work zero (x,y,z) = start of job.
…someone tell me I’m wrong.

I didn’t re-probe. But the post hole is at the work zero. Hmmmm.

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There’s multiple ways to set a work coordinate system.

Some are persistent across power (written to EEPROM): G54, G55, etc.

Some are lost on a reset: G92

My comment was intended to be that I think Easel uses the G92 coordinate system which is NOT saved across power cycles or connects/disconnects (per the GRBL wiki).

I know it’s not Easel and it’s Arduino/GRBL.

And yes, all are relative to Machine zero which needs to be set with a homing cycle.

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So I made this mistake. Did a roughing cut and easel wasn’t responding so i closed it and opened a new window. before setting up my finishing carve. is there any way to save the carve? I originally picked a random spot for work zero.

can i home the machine and then press use last zero and be ok?

I can confirm in easel it does work. The z is slightly off. I did re probe. But that is it everything else is lined up.