Lesson learned

Well, I learned my lesson with easel today. Had one free day left of v carve for the month. Used it for a project that I wanted to get done today before work. After waiting 45 minutes it failed to simulate tool paths and timed out. Now I don’t have enough time to get it done before work so I’ve wasted the day. Was thinking about buying the easel pro, but now I’m thinking I should go another route. On a side note the project was SUPER detailed so I knew it would take a little while, but that’s a little excessive.

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Hi Jeremy,

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We are actively working on optimizing the tool path simulation time. Would you be willing to share your Easel project URL with me and my team for us to analyze? You can PM me the URL if you’d like.

sitting for hours on this one… I have cleared cache, restarted, different browsers, copied project, etc. I have an I7 laptop new laptop and know it isn’t the problem. This isn’t the first time. I typically can’t utilize my full 1000x1000 with any type of detail as it times out.

@KyleBechtold I just tried your file and, I wasn’t watching it, but it took less than 10min. I’m on a laptop with lower specs than yours. Must be something else. What browser are you using?

I tried edge and firefox on two different computers.

I’ve had the best success using chrome

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I use chrome also, have a cheap walmart laptop. I did have some issues like this in the beginning but it was the cable between laptop and controller.

@JeremyHarrison I was reluctant towards getting the pro version in the beginning. I was scheduling eveything to run on my free days. That became a hassle for me so I dropped the money for pro and it has actually paid off. Im able to do my projects on my schedule. Also if im not mistaken if you have 15 minutes left on your free day you can start a carve even if it takes longer than that. Is that correct @JeffTalbot

Thanks, Kyle. We are actively working on making the simulation time faster in Easel, and we will include this project as an example as we do our analysis and work.

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That is correct.

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Tried Chrome, no difference. It pauses in about the same place regardless of my device. Not sure how or why it is working for you all. Tried, my Note 8, 2018 Laptop with I7, and an older desktop with an I3. None work. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, etc. I have left it for hours and nothing. I check my CPU usage and it is normal. At this point I will need to cancel the order as I can do anything. I realize the carve is long, but the detail is VERY minimal. this shouldn’t be an issue.

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Hi Kyle,

I can also generate paths in about 10 minutes on your project. If I combine all objects, it simulates a little faster. As I said, we are actively working on improving this performance. 10 minutes for a project of this type is not acceptable to us.

However, in order to better understand why you are seeing such drastically worse performance, would you be able to provide more detail on your computer specs? What is the make/model of your computer? Do you know specifically which core i7 processor you have? How much RAM do you have on your computer? Are you running any other applications at the same time as Easel? Do you have Easel on the screen while the paths are simulating, or do you switch to another app and leave it in the background?

I7-7500 8gb Ram not the best I7, but definitely new enough and fast enough it should do this l.

I close everything when trying. I check CPU and it will hover around 50% not moving the bar. I tried it again and it finally loaded, but it took 20 minutes or more. I will combine and try again.

Windows 10 if it matters.

combined them and still not much better. It speed up the processing significantly until this point where it seems to just… stop.

I have to try something else. I have to deliver this project. Can someone that is able to access this, please send me the gcode?

I’m the same way. Been planning my free days and carves on my days off. So I spend the whole day carving as much as possible and feeling rushed. Think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and just pay for it. And I had like 14 minutes left this morning. Grabbed my stuff and ran to the shop to get in one more project lol.

Back to my original problem is there another program to run my file on? This project is just to detailed for easel.

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The project

that didn’t share. You need to click save when you click to share by link

I’ll try now

Theres quite a few out there, just depends on how much you would like to spend on them. I believe you can buy some directly from Inventables. I use Vetric cut2D, I do not have 3D software. Then use easel as a sender.