Lessons Learned - Maintenance

I finally solved an issue with my z axis that I thought I would share. It seemed that whenever i ran jobs that were longer than 4 or 5 hours my z axis would skip steps. I tried all the normal belts, v-wheels and had the pot on my sheild up as far as it would go and still run the motor. I was getting tempted to replace the motor and or shield to see if that would fix the issue. I then also noticed a bit of a noise coming from the machine while going up and down which I had put off to the motor having too much power going to it. Then it dawned on me, the acme rod needs lube!!! I used electrical contact cleaner to clean the rod and then put on teflon dry lube and the machine is like new!


Good to know thanks for sharing!

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Do I here an echo in here. I experienced the same issue. When the z axis would move up and down is made funny noises. I too cleaned the acme rod and applied a small amount of lubrication. Best medicine here is preventative. Add a dust shoe and it will not only keep your acme rod clean but also prevent debris from getting stuck in your v-wheels and rails which will also cause movement problems if it isn’t controlled.

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