Let’s see those Christmas orders!

Here’s the latest Christmas order finished! 2
More to go ! Let’s just hope my machine holds up!


Excellent work, love the contrast in colors. Did you stain/burn the wood initially or is that just the grain? looks great

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It’s stain after paint, minwax early American on pine sanded with 400 before application.

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Do you post everything u offer on Etsy and just put on there make to order ? Or do you build up stock normally ?

Awesome finishing work. Finishing is something I still struggle with. Great design too. Can I ask how long was cutting time and about what size is it?

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It’s about 30” horizontally the stock was 24x32”, cut time was probably 4 hours maybe 5 I run my v-carve tool path twice though.

So that is 4 or 5 hrs running the tool path twice. Very nice.

Yea just the v-carve twice not the large area clearance

I’ve been cranking out inlay cutting boards!



Saw dust from just CNC and other non cnc orders…just from Friday night and all day Saturday.


I decided to level my wasteboard Saturday , which is made from .5” mdf kinda dark brown in color compared to the normal mdf , went down .125” and man my enclosure looked like I blew up a 10 pound bag of ground cinnamon it coated the walls of my enclosure I really need a dust boot…,

I’ve made about 15 cutting boards last week. Unfortunately, they were all free gifts for me and my wife’s coworkers. Lucky for me that a local custom door maker lets me have his scrap Walnut, Maple & Sepele wood for free!!!


That’s only the clean “organized” pile of scraps/dust lol

Photo slide lampshade, Just one of many project that my x-carve helped with season. I’ve been running machine almost everyday for the last month.


I have 20 more orders to complete before Xmas,I’ll sleep on Boxing day… these are customer jobs from the last 2 weeks there have been many duplicate orders as well, I’ve made 7 of these Cabin rules signs, 4 We do Geek signs, a ton of the karate tablet stand, a ton on kids name signs.

I’m so tired…but damn the money is nice…except when the wife walks by and gives me puppy dog eyes and asks me for cash to go buy xmas gifts.



thats damn nice

I can’t wait till January when I can get back to designing cool stuff, right now I’m like a lady of night, servicing the line of customers giving them what they ask for while ignoring my own needs…lol,

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Wow! Nice looking sign @FatKatOne!

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