Lets Play a GAME!

Okay everyone I know there are alot of small business owners on here as well as customers of the products that we make I think that starting a thread asking WHAT WOULD YOU PAY for this item would help alot of people of in pricing there goods to be competitive.

I will get the ball rolling by post a couple of my projects

Please keep in mind when posting prices things like:

material used
shipping cost
packing materials
tools used to make it

Aromatic Cedar
14 x 7"
3 different colors of spray paint
semi gloss poly
cnc laser (30min), table saw, jointer, and planer used

Dark walnut
9.7 x 9.7"
49 neodymium magnets placed by hand
super glue
tung oil
cnc router (17 minutes), jointer, planer
wood burning iron (for logo on back side)

red oak
11" diameter
black paint
semi gloss poly
cnc machine (5 min 2 tools), planer, jointer, cnc laser (30 min)
clock movement
clock hands

Where do you plan to sell them? Online? Custom? In a gift store?

hmmm I guess just like a general pricing on peoples different items

I know that items sold in different places command different prices

but I think here what would help alot of people out would be a initial number that enters your head on what you would or think it should be sold for

I’ve created several clocks like those, albeit with roman numerals v-carved (no laser), as well as the name and date, all v-carved, and a 3d carve of the intertwined wedding rings in a dish. Plus I hand-painted all the letters in black, and the rings in gold, so I have a lot more than 90 minutes in mine…

I’ve only given mine as gifts, but I’ve been asked on several occasions what I would charge to create one, and I’ve said $100 each time and not met with any push back. I have several orders just based on my gift giving, thankfully they’re for June - Sept of next year, so they’re low on the job list right now.


thanks yeah that was the kinda response I was looking for and I am sure many other people are interested to hear feedback from other makers on what they think about when the price a item

you can do all the market research in the world but its nice to share thoughts between other makers but yeah thats how I price alot of my items just off market research

Nice website

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