Let's talk about projects

What kind of projects are you interested in making with X-Carve?

Being a model engineer that specializes in RC model boats I plan on machining frames, plating, decks and superstructures for model tug boats.
I have an order for 12 sets of pilot house parts for a small tow boat kit that some friends in CA offer for sale. I will have to do them on my CNC mill because I just ordered my machine.


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Would love to see the process of someone using the program 123D Make and making a 3D model, either sliced or cross section of a model. Seems like a fun program.

I’ll be attempting some of the following:
Wooden Sunglasses
halftone picture art
ground aluminum art
Probably gonna attempt a wooden clock down the line.
Woodblock printing
Cottage signs
Various characters (Disney, comics) cut out for decorations around the house.

I’m thinking of tackling one of two projects this weekend, please chime in if you think one of them looks interesting:

Project One - Metal Casting with MDF Molds:
I’ve done some graphite molds in the past:

and after talking with a friend, I realized that I could probably use the same technique using MDF if I used a low-melting point metal like (lead-free) pewter. I think the product vs. effort ratio is pretty good on this one, since it’s pretty easy to make the mold, pewter is relatively cheap and easy to melt. Plus casting metal is just cool :smiley:

Project Two- CNC Dinosaur Skeleton:
I’ve searched over the projects here on Inventables, and I was surprised nobody had done a dino skeleton yet! I’ve been working on modifying one to fit the X-Carve:

The nice thing about this project is that it’s 100% CNC. Since there is a lot of slot-fitting, it helps to have your machine already tuned and tightened, but I’ve been working on adjusting the plans so there’s a little wiggle room in case you don’t have everything dialed in just yet.

Either of these projects interest anyone? Let me know, and I’ll try to tackle it this weekend :smile:


Maybe I’ll try making some rc plane bodies. Just acquired a ton of 4" foam. It’s used from a old commercial building that had to be taken down. Was all perfectly dry so gonna clean it up, insulate the garage and maybe attempt to mill a plane body and some wings. 90 pieces of 4’ x2’ x 4"


That is a lot of foam!! What kind is it?

It’s just your standard rigid insulation that you use in your houses. It’s the same stuff you would buy at a home improvement store. It’s just thicker for commercial purposes.

both are intresting :smile:

Are you planning on a 2 part mold? would be intrested to see that.

where to start. ive done the side window of my wifes computer (acrylic is … interesting to cut) made a phone stand. but i have a ton of stuff i want to do. i’m thinking about an open source speaker box project i’ll start a thread for, and i have a boat load of custom PC stuff i have to start. SSD mounts, PC cases, Dust Shoe. i want to do a custom case for my pendant remote for UGS (targus number pad) and that’s just to scratch the surface.

the ability to make things has giving me and entirely new outlook on life!

will post pix of the projects i finished int he first cuts thread

Yeah, it’ll be a two part mold, but I wasn’t planning on engraving the back side of it, just to keep it simple. I think right now that looks like the front runner for this weekend, the dino still needs some tweaking.

Just ran off this coaster:

Man I love this thing :smiley:


MDF + Pewter went well this weekend, here’s a preview:

Hopefully I’ll finish up the write-up tomorrow!


Looks sweet, can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Then don’t!


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Pretty stoked on how this turned out. After a couple weeks of messing around with the X-carve and breaking bits, it seems to be running smoothly now. Next projects will be coin holders.


i’m goign to need to do a POWMIA one xD

I want to make an upgraded electric longboard to the one i made here: http://livealittlemore.co.uk/2015/05/31/how-to-build-an-electric-longboard-controlled-from-a-phone-with-bluetooth/

I want to cnc the deck and make the mounts and aluminium parts with cnc it would be so good to loads of it from scratch with a cnc!