Letter blocks

Here’s a project I’ve been working on lately:



Great project and write-up… I can see why they liked them.

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I like your blocks. I have thought about making some myself. Is there any imagery on the blocks like an “Apple” to go with the “A” or a “Boat” to go with the “B”? It looks like you have carved many sides of the block. The store bought blocks typically only machine two sides. Have you thought of hollowing these out? It might make it more fun for the child if the blocks rattled and a lighter block might be easier for small children to manipulate.

They are mostly meant to be display pieces tbh, but they are very light so even a baby could easily lift it. If it weren’t for the fact they are probably to large for tiny hands anyway.

I make them with all sides carved the same letter. I’m not aware how they are sold in the US since they don’t sell them over here. Hence why I see a void in my local market :wink:

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