Letter Cut Depth Issue

Confusing problem for me.
2-1/2 year old x-Carve. (1000x1000)
Nary a problem, has performed flawlessly the entire time (lucky?)
Did the rail/gantry upgrade 6 month ago
Deleted old x-Carve, and reinstalled the “upgraded” x-Carve with no issues.
Still performs perfect after Inventables upgrade.
Probe verified (though never had a problem) @ .59
Waste board is flat
MDF is flat.
Machine is square.
1/16" Fishtail Spiral bit

Trying to cut out some simple letters from a piece of MDF.
MDF is .5 thick (I set to .501)
Letter depth (cut on path) set to .501
Preview is perfect.

Again, the machine has/does perform flawlessly except this. I have cut letters out successfully many times, but NOT since the upgrade.

Letters only cut at .440 not at .5 (or .501)

Changing bit to 1/16" “straight cut”, from a spiral- to no avail.
Started new project, added material/font/cut settings from scratch, not cut/paste to see if it was a corrupt file - Nope.




if you upgraded your “Z” also? it’s a common issue with the small cutters. did you check to see if your cutter is reaching your waste board?
possibly you will need adjust your “Z” on the carriage a little lower your smaller cutter or you can add a secondary waste board.

Is the new Z mounted too high? If its too high it will hit a physical limit of travel and not reach the wasteboard.

You can try jogging down and see if it can reach the wasteboard, if it cannot then youll need to lower the entire z assmebly.

UNBELIEVEABLE… This is why you gents make the big bucks (hopefully lol)

Did upgrade the “Z”, and it wasn’t too high when I installed it. I even remember playing with heights before snugging it up the final time. When I originally set it up, (obvious now) the other bit was in the collet lower than the current bit, allowing it to touch the waste board. What are the odds that this bit the way I installed it, just happened to be .040 too high? DUH - the simplest of things, sometime make you scratch your head.

Ken/Seth, you are my hero’s. I regularly read the forum just to keep up, and you gents are awesome at your craft.

Appreciate helping this older guy just open the other eye…


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