Letter Cutting is Stepping

Just got my machine this last weekend. I am having trouble with it stepping and not keeping within a straight line. I have attached some images. I have made sure the wheels and belts are tight and correct.

Any help would be awesome. I have not checked the power to the motors yet though.


I have not checked the power to the motors yet though.

Yup, do that. This is going to be either missed steps due to low current to the motors, or the pulleys are slipping on the stepper motor shafts.

By the way, even if the pulley set screws are tight, they can still slip if there is no flat spot on the motor shaft for them to grip. If your motors don’t have a flat edge on the shafts, then I highly recommend taking the motors off and using a flat file to grind a flat edge on each shaft for one set screw to bite onto. That’ll effectively eliminate the possibility of them slipping at all.

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Thank you guys. I did do a lot of searches but everything I found didn’t quit match up to what I was seeing. I will try everything suggested. Really appreciate the help!

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Tuned in the power to the motors and everything seemed to go as planned! Thanks for all your help with this!