Letter sizing


I’m having a little issue with Easel. I’ve been asked to cut 6 giant letter, so i thought this will be easy! jumped in to easel, picked a front entered a H to start with. Told easel i want the letter 700mm height and… its not, not even close. It seems Easel puts an invisible board around the letter. Any idea whats going on?


If you click on the letter the highlight box is MUCH larger than the letter.


I opened your project. The bounding box you are seeing is for justifying and spacing.

I ran the “Exploder” app on your H and was then able to set the height to 700mm in the shape tab. Use the Lock icon to keep the aspect ratio and all you will have to do is enter 700mm for the height.

See if that works for you.

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That did the trick. Cheers.