Letters are not lining up

I have created an engraving project in Easel. The simulator looks good but the words are not lined up as see in the preview.

Is that a 2 stage carve or did you carve it all with 1 bit?

One bit 15 degree v-bit

Did it do the wording last ?

Looks like Y position shifted.
What machine you got and what were your cutting parameters?

No. First

3018 machine. Bit is a 15 degree 1/8 ,

I dont know the 3018-machine but may the 80IPM feed rate be a little on the high side?

Due to the nature of how steppers work, available torque drop at speed and will eventually => zero available torque.

When this point is reached, a stepper will stall even without load applied to it.

Try the same piece with 40IPM but double depth per pass.
How do this work out?

Thanks. I will try this weekend