Letters not properly engraving

Im trying to engrave letters using a 60 degree v bit on ¾" pine. No matter how deep I tell Easel to go, the letters only go down about ⅛" at its deepest points. I also tried the 90 degree bit and use different fonts. Nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?

When you are using a vbit the depth will only go as wide as the letters you are carving. If it goes deeper then the letters get wider and it will not do that. If you use a 1/8" bit is a straight sided bit so you can tell it to go .5" deep and it can do that within the width of the letter because it is going straight down. Hope this makes since to you.

Makes sense. Thank you.

I just went back and looked at my bits. If I’m understanding you correctly, the bit should cut at least to the widest point of the V. Mine is not doing that.

No it will cut to the widest part of the letter you are engraving. If your letter is 1/8" wide it will carve that wide . So if it carves 1/8" wide you can maesure your bit up to where the 1/8" width is and that is all the deeper it will carve. If the letter is wider it will go deeper but if it is only 1/16" wide it will go shallower.

It will be very helpful for us if you add a screenshot of your Easel project and your result in material :slight_smile:

When V-carving the bit will only go down as far as the width of the slot allow, based on the V-bit angle/geometry.
If its not due to this then there is something else going on, more info as suggested would aid on that.

Got it. I was thinking that if I went deeper, the letters would get wider. My mistake. Thank you for all your help.

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