Level of detail that can be carved

I want to get a x-carve to mill enclosures for small IoT devices. But I am not sure if it has the precision to cut small parts, ribs, etc. I set up a file in Easel. Can anyone tell me if this is carvable in Acrylic? I need the finish pass to be pretty good so there is not a lot of clean up afterwards as I have mating pieces.


You’ll need to mark the project as “Public” for it to be accessible by others Chris.



I don’t see where to set a public status for the project. Only the share link and the publish to Inventables. I don’t want to clutter up the Inventables repro with this test model. It says that anyone with the link should be able to view the model in Easel.

You need to click on File, Share, Share with Link. If not, no one else can see it.

Got it thanks

See the mismatched overlap? You might need to tweak something, but a 1/8" bit isn’t going to handle the tiny corner that resulted. Plus I’m not sure how easel treats the multiple layers or whether the arrangement is intentional. Otherwise it all looks doable. I haven’t cut acrylic yet, I leave that to my laser.

I’ve cut acrylic parts using a 1/8" single flute bit with my 300W spindle at about 10,000 rpm and 20ipm. The parts are belt clamps for my SO2 that are about 12mm by 20mm with two interior cuts. I got perfect cuts.