Level platform

My X-Carve used to be on a table that was a little too narrow, and stuck out over the side a bit. It was also a little crooked, the waste board was not quite level. It would cut deeper on one side of the project than the other. Not a serious problem with most of the work I’ve been doing. But I would like my machine perfect, and I might get into doing edge lighted signs, so I need it to be very level.

So I built myself a level table.

The only issue is that it is too high for the controller. The cables don’t reach. Any idea if bolting the controller to the side of my box table will work, or will that affect how it works?

It would work fine with any orientation as long as you can get to the controls you need to use.

Can always use an external estop and switchs.

Never mind. It was easy and quick enough to build a shelf rather than wait for replies.

Phantomm: Do you mean in addition to the big red Estop button that’s already on the X-controller?

in addition/in conjunction.