Leveling gantries to wasteboard - really off

So I’ve been having issues milling aluminum - I was seeing my initial cuts go way too deep.

I had a friend print a dial indicator mount and started taking readings across the board and it’s bad. It’s over 1/16" off corner to corner. Where I was milling aluminum would go up .020" in just a few inches - my DOC was .004" so my initial cut was digging in 5Xs more than I wanted as it moved through the cut.

Here are my readings - What can I do?
I don’t know how to take .060"-.070" out

Either you mill your wasteboard so that it is parallel to the x and y axis, or you place a sacrificial board on top of your wasteboard then mill it.


And then face the aluminum as it’s probably not flat unless you are using tooling plate or something with a tight flatness tolerance.


You should be able to easily adjust that out with your end plates.
I have mine to within ~.005"-.010" on a 750mm machine.
I defy anyone to find that in a piece of wood. LOL.

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I can’t seem to do more than about .025 on my endplates, I’m stacking feeler gauges to lift and then screwing in.

Any other tips on getting that better would be very welcome!

Place a 2ns layer of board on top, perform a skim-cut of it.
This will ensure Z-height is equal relative to the surface.

While I know that there are many who will say to skim your waist board, and it is a very viable and accepted option,
I am one to exhaust all other ways first.
If your are out of adjustment on the end plates, maybe consider opening up the holes a bit.
Not trying to step on anyone’s toes here.

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