Leveling surrounding area around 3d Carve in Vcarve

I’ve got a 3d .stl model I want to carve into a project. It carves everything below the surface of the project. I’d like to plane down the remainder of the project (ie. NOT where the 3d carve was done) so the 3d portion would project up above the apparent surface.

i’m not having any luck. I’ve tried to create a rectangular vector to cover the project and select pocket toolpath and then select the 3d object to remove that portion from the toolpath but the preview just shows the entire surface being planed down. I’m sure I’ve done something like this with the provided 3d objects, but can’t get it working here.

Any suggestions?

Can’t you just select the “Material Boundary” and it will do the entire material you have setup? That’s my understanding of how it works (I haven’t looked myself as to what it does).

I think I like object boundary method the most as it allows me to switch to a bigger bit to do the leveling on. When I select ‘zero plane’ in the modeling section, it gets included in my 3d finish tool path. It’s gonna take some time to level out a piece of wood using a v-bit. lol At first I was trying to make an object boundary but it wouldn’t take since it was a 3d object, but finally found where to do that.


Was experimenting trying to get fine detail with the tip without having to use a 1/32" bit that would probably break easily. I got it to do the leveling on the 3D rough pass with my 1/8" EM bit and that took forever and a day, may look to using a 1/4" EM for that pass. The 3D finishing pass with v-bit was a not a success. The end result (using rigid foam as a test) was dimpled so I was not happy. I went back to a 1/16" rounded bit and it looked better.

I got the idea to use a vbit from one of the Aztec coaster/designs I saw here where they said they used a vbit to carve the intricate designs. Can’t remember which one.

That’s pretty good detail…

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