Levelling my board on the X carve

Hi, complete rookie here.

I need to level my waste board as I am unable to cut anything out the depth i’ve set.

I’ve scrolled through to try and find a step by step process but cant find one.

Please share with me how to do this including depth/ plunge rate etc

Also I noticed on Easel the colette trimmer that I have to level the board doesnt show up as a selection I can choose?

Thanks for your help guys

How far out of level is your wasteboard?

  • Check that your original board relative to Z, adjust for large discrepancy.
  • Mount a sacrifisical board to your Xcarve waste board
  • Use a large flat end mill (3/4" are commonly available)
  • Use the Dewalt at its lowest speed
  • Draw a rectangle in Easel as large as possible that exceed the size of added board
  • Set to Fill and under Machine set stepover =80% (default is 40%)
  • Jog the end mill to the lower left corner, so it is about 1/32" above it.
  • Run the carve at 50 IPM and total depth = 1/16" This is called a skim cut / skimming your waste board

If the entire surface have been touched you now have a X/Y plane that is level relative to the Z-axis.

If only partial surface have been touched run it again, now 1/32" lower than last time. Continue untill the entire surface have been carved :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!!

So I do have my sacrifcial board on top of my wasteboard which has been heavily drilled into in some areas but hopefully will be able to now even it all out.

No idea, cuts in some areas, doesn’t in others

Excellent advice shown above. Try to correct any major flaws first before skimming