Life expectancy of DeWalt 611

I’ve had my x carve for rough a year and a half. I own a small business and I use the router roughly once a week for 3-4 hours spread out. Last night the router started making a noise like something was loose, and then it just stopped working. I had to work my other job today so I haven’t had time to take it apart and look inside to see if anything obvious was broken, but is this normal?

The first thing you will want to check is the brushes inside. Here is a tutorial video from another forum member, to guide you through how to inspect them and change them if needed:


Your milage may vary but many in here experience 150-200hrs of runtime before the brushes are done. (On low RPM, high RPM wear them down faster)

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Agressive cutting which loads the router more will also shorten the life of the brushes.

So will air borne wood dust.