Light burn cannot figure out laser head position of x carve

Hey everyone,

I recently setup a Jtech laser on my Xcarve. I have downloaded the light burn software as the trial. I like the workspace feature and the software however as soon as i am ready to cut and hit that start function the carve goes crazy and has no idea where it suppose to start working. I know I have the origin set up properly so I’m wondering if the light burn software just does not jive with Xcarve or if i have possibly selected the wrong GRBL controller on the device setup? just wondering if anyone is using light burn and can help!!

Thanks, Kyle

Which grbl option are you trying to use?

Export the G-code and post the first 20 lines of the G-code here.

I’m having the same issue, latest GRBL 1.1f - origin seems fine then it starts bouncing of the sides when I try to use it!

Inventables doesn’t sell or support lasers.

Here is the contact information for Lightburn… Link

It is a proprietary program.

Understood, If easel supported better jogging, x,y,z zero setting and an easier sending of gcode files I would not be looking for alternate solutions. Easel works, but it make the workflow a little slow and cubersome.

People have been requesting features like that for years. Nobody is listening.

There are lots of programs that you can use for CAD/CAM. Check out PEP6.

You could try PicSender (I think a license is $30 USD) or UGCS (free).

PicSender and PEP6 let you try before you buy.

I also have a laser enabled version 1.0c of grbl if you want to try it.(free)

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Thanks, I have got PicSender, it started well and seemed fine with the JTech laser (from VCarve post processed files) but when I tried to send some VCarve files to the spindle, the jog was extremely slow and then seemed to just stop working. I’ll have to do some debug and find what is wrong, I;m assuming settings as lots of people seem to be using it without issue.
Currently I have only had success with Easel, everything else I have tried seems to have issues with positioning … origins incorrect and the blindly attempting to move out of bounds, forcing me to emergency stop the x-carve (as sometimes it has jammed the router into the bed!)

You can set the feed rate from the panel where you jog the machine.

Did anyone figure out the proper setting for Lightburn? I’m having the same issues.

Thank you

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