Light Ring for spindle visibility

so i’m thinking about adding a 80mm LED light ring to my x-carve for better visibility while cutting. thoughts? would the power supply have a 12v output? am i over complicating things? discuss… go …

I purchased this one but haven’t got to that part of the build yet.

The x-carve uses 24VDC.

Well 12v external power supplies are cheap. Could even run it off the psu from a computer

Bigger question. Is it with the trouble?

Here is one that will work on 24V


sweet thanks Daniel gonna look into this!

You can also use a buck converter from amazon/ebay, like $2. Takes whatever voltage and will step it down to desired V. Good for LED strips and such.

now with more LCD display :slight_smile: love that. thanks @NicoDarrow for the great tip! once my machine gets here and all set up i’ll start doing incremental upgrades to include a light and a vacuum system

Is this a “need” or just a trendy “want” ?? I mean, I’ve got nothing against putting some colored LEDs and a blinker in there, turning off the workshop lights, tuning the radio to some 70’s disco channel and boogying my way through a project or two - but for visibility? It’s an open-top design. If you’ve got a properly lit workshop there should be no problem seeing the workspace clearly.

it was more of a want. and it would be a white LED no rainbow colors. and your right a properly lit workspace will most likely be sufficent. lots of little tweaks running through my mind while i sit and wait on my x-carve to be shipped.

I was thinking of trying something like this

Not for lighting, but for helping to see where the bit is aligned. Anyone tried something like this?

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I really like your idea alot! Let me know how it works please!

thanks kinda awesome! would be a really fun way to spice it up abit. could be great for precise head positioning. once my xcarve gets in i may have to give the lasers a try! thanks

I intend to try something similar - but cheaper -

I had some extra led strips laying around, so I mounted 4 of them on the bottom of the x-carriage. Not as nice as the ring, but it still does the job. :smile:


Now if Easel could turn on and off the spindle light when it automatically turns the spindle on and off…


Right now I have my leds powered by a 12v adaptor so they are always on. Eventually I’ll wire them up to my Smoothieboard to turn them on or off when the spindle is running.

oh god those are bright. i have some purple ones i used for a PC build… not sure how the harnessed the sun for those but outch.

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Ha! Two strips would probably be plenty:)

one strip even… or half LOL