Like New Carvey For Sale - $1800 Still Available 3/22

I’m selling a slightly used Carvey, less then 5 hours of on time, less in cut time. I haven’t been able to use it much. I purchased it right before I moved and it’s been sitting in my office for awhile now. It’s in perfect condition. Pretty much new. It’s packed up and ready to go.

Make offer, I’d like $1800. I’ll include shipping in the continental US.
It will ship in brand new Carvey shipping material.

(Still Available 3/22)

Hi James. Do you still have this? Would you consider shipping to the UK? Can’t find any second hand ones this side of the pond!

It is still available. I’d consider it, but I’ve not shipped to the UK so I couldn’t guess how much it would be. What would the location be? I’ll have to find out through whom I would ship.

London. Happy to speak over email if you want?

Hi James,
Also interested if it doesn’t work out with Dylan.
I’m in NYC.

shoot me an email at


Still available. Packed up and ready to go.

Sent a private message.

Hey, I would like to buy. I am in Georgia, US.

It’s still available in its new box if interested.

Hey there, let me know if this is still available, and what payment options you take. Thanks!

Hi! Would be interested if this is still available as well

Hi … still available ?

I have a very lightly used one that I’ll sell for the same price. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you, Brian

Anyone selling for around 1200-500$. Shipping to Europe… i will use my DHL account,

Ready to buy a Carvey :slight_smile:

Still available?

Hi James I am interested in your Carvey I could probably come pick it up based on where you live would you be willing to do a lower price to? My email address is

If it’s still available Canada.

Still available? From Washington, I’d love to talk about it. inventables(at)rubygrrl42(dot)com. If not, please post!

Hi I have a barely used carvey in pristine condition I am looking to sell. Packed in original shipping box. Comes with extra bits that I purchased separately.

I’m in Orange County California. Prefer local pick up.

Asking $1500

Message me if interested! 6504343469

Hi Heidi.

Is it still for sale?