Limit switch actuators

anyone else having trouble with the m5 screws being too small for the post assembly nuts?

yeah I just ran into this issue as well, the screws that came with the post assembly insert nuts dont fit the nuts. but they fit into the accessory mount holes on the spindle mount really nice! :confounded:

I have some m5 x 20 button heads left from another project that work for the limit actuators.

If you are near one, Ace hardware has a decent selection of metric hardware, would cost less that a buck for 2 screws. it would take less time than waiting for ups for the same thing.

Several of my “M5 16mm” socket cap head screws were instead M4 screws. I suspect a stocking issue and since they look similar it didn’t get noticed. My Lowe’s near me had 10.9 grade M5 socket cap head screws in various lengths. If you can’t find replacements, email and they will take care of you. They overnighted me the stuff I needed.

Yea, 5 of my 8 5x16 sockets were too skinny. I wanted to keep working that night so I ran into the local hardware store and bought there last 5 for 70 cents a piece. I have been meaning to send a note along to the guys, not to be harsh, but Im sure the QC folks would want to know.