Limit switch mounts oversized and not threaded

Has anyone else noticed on their machines that the mount points for the limit switches on the y axis mount plate and on the x carriage have been bored out too large? I have 2.5 full machines assembled. the mount points on my older machine with the original xcarve upgrades are too big to fit an m2 but too small to fit an m3 and there does not appear to be any threading in them. The new parts I just ordered for my second machine have the same problem on the x carriage but the y mount fits the m2 bolt just fine. The z mount on both machines fits an m2x10 just fine.

I’m wondering if others have noticed this and what they have done to fix the problem.

On the two X-Carves I have on both machines the only switch that was threaded was the Z axis, the other two used bolts with nuts on the back side (which was a challenge to get started as the limited space. So the fact that they were not threaded would sound to be normal to me as the assembly instructions stated that they used the little bolts with nuts on the back side and stated that they needed to be installed prior to inserting in the rails as there would not be enough room to install after assembly.

Here are the instructions about installing the switches and using the M2 bolts with M2 nuts on the back.

Thanks Kenneth, M2 nuts and bolts are hard to source locally where I am. So I’ll probably track down an imperial equivalent. Its just odd that some are tapped for M2 and others are just bored out.

Any good hobby shop that sells rc cars would have the M2 nuts and bolts… otherwise use 2-56 size nuts + bolts
my kit came with the nuts :slight_smile:

Thanks GaryCaruso, the local RC hobby shop had exactly what I needed.

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