Limit switch on opposite ends of Axis?

is there an option to put a limit switch on the other end (have a switch on each end) of an axis? seems like the machine can easily be damaged if it goes to far. how would you wire it up?

If your system was using the default, normally-open configuration, you’d want to wire up the switches in parallel, so you’d just connect the two NO terminals of the switches together, and the two C terminals together. That way, if either switch is tripped, the circuit is made.

And just for completion, if you had modified your setup to use the switches as normally closed, you’d want to wire the two switches in series, so black wire to C(1), NO(1) wired to C(2), and NO(2) to the white wire. This way, if either switch is tripped, the circuit will be broken.

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i kind of wondered if that might be the case. yes using the default configuration. so just need to figure out a way to mount them and wire them together. thanks!