Limit switch on the New WIDE maker slide (Important)

I changed over to the wide maker slide today. only took about 20 minutes.Look to see how your switch is oriented before putting back together. The rocker arm is facing down with the new slides. Trust me it is will be a lot easier to fix if the carriage is off the rail. I was stubborn and did I while it was on and it took me just as long as it did to change the rail.

PS does anyone know how to get ahold of a new sticker for the slide?


Sticker? the one that says X-Carve?


Oh, you can get that from the guys at inventables.
I could make one but I could not sell it as its a trade marked item.

Was trying to figure out if I could get the old one off and onto the new without destroying it. Does not look like it. Just assumed it would come branded.

If you cannot get it let me know and I will make a sticker for you. :stuck_out_tongue:
I just can’t sell it.