Limit Switch Troubleshooting

I just finished putting together my 1000mm x-carve and was trying to get it calibrated this morning but was running into problems with the homing. The Z-axis raises into the limit switch and never stops. Its still making a clicky noise and has 5v across it when not depressed but doesnt seem to send any halt signal. I tried flashing the latest GRBL 0.9x and believe I have the limits in the correct pins but cant get it to work. Any suggestions?

Can you post the grbl parameters (output from the $$ command) and a picture of your homing switch wiring at the gSheild?

Nevermind! I tested the limit switches more carefully and the z-axis limit (which is checked first) was not dropping to zero when depressed. Swapped it with one I had laying around from a 3d printer build and now its working!

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