Limit switches can’t be triggered

Just assembled the newest xcarve model.

It appears all of the limit switches are 3/64” off due to the pilot holes being off I added a piece of felt to the z-assembled which did the trick there- any suggestions for a fix for x and y limits? The gantry side plates and x carriage hit the stops before they hit the limits.

Also- I’ve never built a machine without limits on both extents- anyone ever had issues with “an open limit”?

The x and y home switches ( if that is what you are talking about) have spacers that the switch runs into. The spacers are adjustable back and forth with a machine screw. if the lever isn’t contacting it, perhaps you could increase the diameter of the spacer or move it in/out.? I put a longer spacer on mine to get one switch to work. I had assorted bolts and spacers that I bought from inventables for adding extrusion.


Thanks for the tip- had some spacers in the shop- working like a champ now!

I’d probably put the washers on the inside myself…LOL. Glad it is working.

Problem is that the spacer outside diameter is bigger than the bolt head o.d. So if I put the washers on the inside, I’d have the same problem. I’ll be on the lookout for spacers with a smaller o.d. when the stores open back up Monday.

This would be a good use of a 3d printer…