Limit Switches homing

Question… should your limit switches be set exactly at you homing spot or do you set it slightly past your homing 0 spot? thanks in advance.

The sole purpose of the homing switches are to syncronize the machine to the work space.
As such, the homing switches are usually mounted towards the extremes for each axis.

Work zero (Easel Home position) can be anywhere within the reachable space of your machine and stored as an offset value relative to machine coordinates.

On mine I have my Z switch up high, the X and Y switch at the back/left.
My work flow is as follows:

  • Home the machine (send $H-command)
  • Jog to my intended work zero position
  • Carve, confirming this point as my Home Position (= work zero)

If I tomorrow want to carve the same design once more, using the same work zero - or need to abort and restart the same carve:

  • Home the machine
  • Carve, and click “Use Previous Home position” since this offset point is stored.

In essence you can put the limit switches where you want depending on your project. Could be at 0 or in a place closer to your work to speed up productivity or in a specific place for accurate repetition like when tiling.

Using limit swithces as an actual limit/hard stop position place them at the extreme ends a couple of mm short of actual possible travel.