Limit Switches moving in the wrong direction

I’m doing the machine setup for the X-Carve in Easel, I’m trying to setup the homing sequence but when I click start, the Z axis moves down once and then stops and then when I click ‘Change settings for homing direction’ nothing happens.

Any ideas on what to do?


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I’m having the same issue. Once you click change global settings, the screen refreshes and the machine continues to go in the wrong direction. ANY help with this would be awesome.

I am having an issue where I start the setup and it checks the homeing switch but it goes in the opposite direction. I have tried stopping and using the set to opposite direction but doesnt work either, any suggestions.

Post your $$ settings from grbl here.

You can use the Machine Inspector->Advanced in Easel to get the settings, or use the Arduino IDE serial monitor.

I had a similar problem as well and not sure if linked but once I changed the figure from 1to 3 the problem went away

$27=3.000 (homing pull-off, mm)