Limit switches on new X-Carve

I just ordered the new X-Carve. I noticed when ordering there wasn’t an option to order limit switches like there was with the older one. Are they now included on the new machine or do I still need to buy them separately?



I just looked at the order site and the option is called homing switches. They are used for both homing and limit functions.

Awesome. Luckily I threw those in the cart as well.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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unless they changed the code. the switches are for homing only. They do not stop the machine if they are hit during operation.

I agree about the soft limits but they are not tied to the switches.

The switches can be set as homing AND limit switches in the grbl settings.

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Ok I was not aware of that.
I have read that others were saying that the switches only work in homing.
Thanks for clarifying that.

On my (ShapeOko2) machine I put nylon plates that stop the machine 1mm before the wheels hit the end plate. The switches are mounted on the nylon plates in such a way that they swithc 1mm before the nylon hits the end plates. That leaves enough room for the switches not to be crushed when the nylon hits the end plates. With the hard limitswitches enabled the machine stops on the switches before the nylon stops the machine. Proved by sending the machine into the hard limits at 3000 mm/min