Limit Switches - setting up questions

I am installing limiting/homing switches on my Shapeoko2, I have them wired up according to one of the documents that I found on this forum. My question is in regards to the software part of it. Where and how do I tell Easel where my switches are at? I ran the machine setup and it doesn’t recognize my switches.

The homing/limit switch setup is down at the grbl level, assuming that you are using the Arduino/gShield electronics.

The machine setup function in Easel should set this up for you. I don’t use Easel so I’m not that familiar with it. However, I believe that you can go to the machine inspector and dump out the grbl parameters. It would help diagnose your problem if you could post that information here.

There are alternatives to using Easel for debugging this problem and if you want to go that route I can help you with that.

LarryM, Thanks for the reply. I dumped out the GRBL parameters below:

Unfortunately, Im a newbie when it comes to the GRBL stuff.

Any hints on troubleshooting is greatly appreciated.

You are running grbl 0.8c

Since I’m not familiar with the Shapeoko2, I’m not sure that I can help out. With the X-carve we are running grbl 0.9

Some people are using 0.9i and other use 0.9j I have 0.9j

I know that the pin out for grbl changed from version 0.8 to version 0.9

They moved one of the pins to accommodate PWM spindle control.

Maybe someone here that knows more about the Shapeoko2 can help you.

The Z-Limit switch pin changed from 0.8 to 0.9.

Thanks guys. I rewired my Ardino so that I use pins 9,10,and 11. for the limit switches. I checked them electrically and they have a 5 volt high and then drop to ground when the switch is closed. I went into the Univ. G-code software and put $16=1. Now I get a Hard Error and I can’t determine the cause, or clear this error Any ideas?