Limit switches work for homing but don't work otherwise

I have limit switching, and when I home the x-carve they work as they should. but when carving if for any reason easel or the g-code gives command to move beyond the limit switches the x-carves bumps them, and keep pushing against them, until I use the emergency kill switch.

What is the problem?

Search is your friend, start here …

Basically, they’re homing switches, enter the machine size in GRBL and enable soft limits to prevent smashing the end stops.


Soft limits.

How do you set the limit and what would u use for the 1000mmx1000mm

Thanks I’ll set that up tonight !

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Thanks Phil. This whole issue is confusing to those of us unfamiliar/uncomfortable tinkering with GRBL/etc.

pls send the video link

sounds logical, I’ll try that.
A bit overwhelming for new people to CNC, lots of new things.

David, I have the same issue as as the original poster. Could you elaborate on Soft limits.
I know how to get to the machine inspector, do i need to ensure this value is set like what you posted?

x carve has homing switches. you can set soft limits, so if it homes then it knows how far it can move before striking the end.
$20=1 ; turns soft limits on.
$130= (x max travel)
$131= (y max travel)
$132= (z max travel)

here is more information:
Grbl v1.1 Configuration · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

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