Limited sale...not so limited?

I kept seeing that the discount was until 11/5.

Now, I know the price of $6,995 didn’t change and go up. It’s what I paid when this all released weeks ago.

Sorry, I was mistaken. I paid $6,495.

I understand they are a business but we took a shot and purchased during the “pre-sale” offer, what is the reason Inventables didn’t just say this is the price and let it be that. Disappointing.

Hi @TCarter! Apologies for the confusion.

The pre-sale price before November 5 (when you purchased) on the 4x4 X-Carve Pro was $6,495 at 45% off.

We recently updated the pre-sale to up to 41% off on the 4x4 and 4x2 machines on November 6 that will go through December 5, 2020, which comes out to $6,995.


Been trying to reach someone by phone prior to placing my order for the Xpro, no one answers or returns my call, emails have been sent with no response, pretty disappointing as I am wishing to place an order asap but the lack of customer support is discouraging, this is no way to win over potential customers and how does this relate to customer support when an issue with your purchase arises?

Hey @ScottPPeterson, sorry for the delay on our end. We’ve been pretty busy with support tickets with everyone carving during the holidays. You can always leave a message or email us at and we will get back with you.

Sorry for the delay, and let me know if you don’t hear back!