Limitsiwtches work, but steppers seem dead

SO, on my first day after final assembly, I’ve done something to kill the xcarve. Here’s the steps that led to this state:

Did a couple cuts in easel, all is well.
Wanted to find a way to jog the toolhead around, so I installed Chilipeppr.
Got it working: used the ui to jog the head around. Happy.
Hit the home button: It immediately drove the toolhead straight into the wasteboard, and steppers started making bad sounds under the strain. Unplugged the machine immediately.
When I turn it back on, the steppers no longer work: In Easel, when I go to configure the machine, which gives you the jog controlls, they don’d do anything. Steppers are dead, and I can move the gantry freely.
But, if I hold one of the limitswitches, the stepper locks up and holds it in place.

What on earth have I done? :frowning:

None of them move?

The logic on the Arduino and the gShield are powered by the USB port. Turn everything off, unplug the USB cable, give it a few minutes and turn everything back on. What does that do?

When you have homing enabled, if the homing sequence is not completed in a timely manner, grbl will alarm and not enable the motors.

That was it @LarryM : i was unplugging the power supply, not the usb. turning it off and fixed it.
Thanks! Catastrophe averted :wink: