Line deformation in CAD


Just joining up all the lines on Cad to then import to Inkscape - SVG into Easel.

When I join the lines, they seem to deform…

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Hi Robert,

Thanks for replying. Apologies. Yep I completely understand. I’ll attach another screenshot:
It’s on Autocad and I am able to join the lines except there seems to appear “kinks” or “deformations” as it comes away from the vertex . Preferably I would like it join without the “bend” in the line as I have several layers that all need to run through the same point.

Before I join them, the corners meet. And if I have joined all the lines and then explode the shape, they go back to original point (See Below) I was just wondering why this is and/or if there is a better way of joining lines… Thanks

Any snap to point-function active?
What happens if you extend and trim at intersect?

Hello, I tried with snaps active and non-active and I am able to extend and trim but it still seems to happen… :confused:

It appears to happen when I add more than 2 lines together. not just on a single corner between 2 lines… Could that be something?? I suppose it is possible to use PEDIT command to add multiple lines but that creates LOADS of vertices and lines… (can be messy too many unnecessary points?)

Phil is correct, but set your “X” and “Y” distances to 0 (Zero). Good Luck

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I use Zero distance fillets :yum:

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My new job is mostly electrical and network layouts, very few of either, lol.

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Amazing response! I seem to be having better success.

I’ve been trying to cut 2 shapes the same and then stick them back - to - back so give the appearance of a 3d cut shape but I’ve been struggling and the backs don’t seem to be matching up :confused: And so I thought it was the way in which it was drawn into the auto cad file. The file seems to be fine.

Can you think of why this might be happening?

Yep. will do shortly :slight_smile:

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Sooo finally got the pictures…

i wish to cut them so that I can stick them back-to-back. (Ps, the very top edge is cut by hand with saw very roughly haha)

In the first photo, I have done this and as you can see, they haven’t aligned all the way up, only at the bottom. (Although, very minor, it could be better)

In the second photo (Below), I have them both the same way round and the align better.

Originally created in autocad (DFX) > inkscape > easel. I’ve checked the original dwg. and it’s perfectly equal. I can’t just align them like the second photo because as you can vaguely see, I’ve cut it intentionally with a separate levels so it cuts in a 2.5 stepping manner

So, is it the machine needing a calibration session?
Shall I redraw the shapes into easel? It’s just annoying to redraw them into easel…
This whole thing would probably be easier in fusion 360 except I don’t have experience with fusion 360

Surely if the CAD is symmetrical (and it is) I should be able to cut a profile and it shouldn’t matter which way round I stick them together as they should be equal…

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

I will give the machine a good calibration session and see how that goes. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

Just trying looking through the calibration info and I can’t see any info on it. I’ve attached the screenshots. There doesn’t seem to be a list of values.

Also, what is an ideal safety height and Step Over %? I use a 500mm X Carve.

Again, thanks for the advice

Brill! thanks for that. It seems to have ironed out the problem!

Cheers :smile:

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