Line drawing

If I click the pencil icon and then click in the drawing area, Easel will create a dot with a handle. I can then select this and see the shape menu. But if I try to change the height I get a “NaN” and the object disappears.

If would be really nice to be able to enter a height and width for the line object, is this a defect or is Easel trying to tell me the line object just can not be re-sized?

@AllenMassey , did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to figure out how to draw lines myself. I’m looking at Easel right now and I don’t even have a pencil, although I did a few days ago when I tried. It seems like drawing some straight lines should be easy. Not sure what I’m missing.

Whoa! I lost my pencil today too.

I’ve been drawing a bit-width box for a straight line, since the draw tool just always seemed to be a shaky mess for my arthritic hands.

Nope I was never able to figure it out, It should be easy to draw a line, but for whatever reason it is not possible to draw or edit single vectors in Easel. Maybe that will be an enhancement soon.

Thanks @AllenMassey. I guess I’ll work in Inkscape and import from there.

@AlanDyke, I’m glad it’s not just me! Thought I was getting a touch of the crazy today!

I only noticed it when I read this thread and went looking in Easel…I swear I was messing with it yesterday…but who knows.

Wow you are correct, the pencil is gone, I did not even notice it went away. I guess that since it did not work there was no need to keep it.

I guess that since it did not work there was no need to keep it.

Yep. The pencil tool was buggy and hard to use. We’ve been working on some under-the-hood changes to Easel that will let us add drawing tools that work better. In the meantime, we disabled the pencil—better to have no pencil at all than one that’s frustrating and not that useful.

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To draw a straight line you can always just use a rectangle the size of your bit. Thats what I have done a couple times.