Line thickness

Dear All I have been attempting to change the thickness of lines on easel, for example, I needed to make borders on the text below but the borders were too thick for the text. Any idea how I can make the borders thinner?

I don’t know the answer for the line weight, but before you cut a nice piece of wood, why is there a comma after ‘wood’.

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@Shumba. You are using a vbit. It will be wide. Open another workpiece just for the border and one just for the text. The text remains with a vbit and the other workpiece with the border use a downcut bit of whatever width you need. I usually use a 1/8 or a 1/4


If the V bit is creating your border by making the cut on that element shallower it will change the width of said border

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As Steve mentioned, by adjusting the depth of cut on the border only, you can adjust the line weight when cutting with a V bit.

If you are attempting to cut out your part after carving, you should select a different bit for that operation. Don’t use a v bit to cut full depth…

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thanks for the observation mate, comma removed :slight_smile:

Here is a quick question Phil… Can you design the border that is to be cutout, copy and paste it to another work piece? and then do the text so everything will stay centered?

One way to work is to make your entire design in one workpiece, the duplicate it into as many stages as required. The position will be identical to the mother workpiece. Remove the “not to be carved” elements in each sub workpiece.

Use Easel “Use previous home” in combination with reset of Z if required.


Awesome thank you!!!