Linear bearing has come out of housing

I don’t think this is supposed to happen !!


Since there is already a groove in the sleeve. Can you drill and tap to put a set screw in the housing? That would hold it in place.

I have had a closer look at the clamp and there is a screw that is supposed to hold the bearing in place but it looks like he whole Z assembly will have to be pulled apart to get to it.

I’ll wait and see what Inventables have to say in response to my support question.

Exactly what happened to mine. They had to exchange the machine. I think they absolutely should change the design for this. it should be user serviceable.

That would be bit of an inconvienance and I am already on my second machine.

The first one got bounced during delivery and was returned, maybe they should have let me keep it for a local spares pool !

Hi @gaz99 I’m so sorry this happened. It is indeed something we can help you with. Hit up our CS team and they will get you fixed up.

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A support task was submitted on Saturday my time so just waiting to hear back from CS team.

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Well the CS Team gave me the OK to fix this myself and after getting some green Loctite bearing retainer the Carvey is back together and working fine.

It was the Inventables CS guys that told me the assembly drawings for that part use Loctite 609, I couldn’t get 609 so I used 638.

After seeing what this stuff is like I was surprised that there was no residue on the bearing or the in the housing so maybe that bearing got missed when the unit was put together.

The recommended 609 is green as is the 638.

Hopefully I won’t need to replace any bearings anytime soon:

"For Disassembly

  1. Remove with standard hand tools.
  2. If needed, apply localized heat to the assembly to
    approximately 250 °C. Disassemble while hot.
  3. If this temperature is not possible, heat as much as
    possible and use mechanical aids."

609 is a retaining compound and is green,
Here is the MSDS sheet if you are interested.

We posted a simple fix for this, you can print it for free if you have access to a 3d printer. You can print two to keep both the top and bottom linear bearings from popping out mid cut.