Linear Z pocket bottoms not clean

I upgraded my linear Z about 3 weeks ago, but had some other things come up and haven’t got to play with it much.

Did a cut today, and the bottom of my engraves are not clean. No Z vwheels to mess with, checked the other vwheels and they are good. Any suggestions?

Did you tram the router when you installed the new z slide?

I have not verified tram again since installing. Would the mounting screws on the linearz need to be adjusted for tram, since there are no vwheels?

Mounting screws on the router mount.

There are 2 areas for tram:

  1. Linear Z mounting to the Xcarriage
  2. Spindle mount mounting to the linear Z slide.

The easiest is #2. If that doesn’t get it, you may want to look at #1.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I will check into those when I get a chance.

I went from having around 20hrs a week to mess with my machine to 0 for the last three weeks, so having issues is not something I was looking forward to. With your help I should be able to get them ironed out fairly quickly. Thanks again.

I re squared all the axi, and adjusted the realigned the linear z and everything looks to be good. Thanks again guys.

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I was using a 2F downcut on that particular cut. I’ve run a few more cuts and everything seems to be tweaked well.

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Same here. I got a large pack of some pretty good upcuts from amazon that I use for cutouts.

I still need to find some cost effective downcuts for when my current ones get dull.

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