Linear Z with X-Carve Dust Collector

I’ve seen a few posts about integrating the 5"-6" Cnc4newbies linear Z with the Suckit system, but nothing on using it with the X-Carve dust collection system. Has anyone successfully mounted the X-Carve setup with the linear Z?

Aren’t they the same design?

Essentially, but the mounting setup is different. The X-Carve system only has four pieces other than the dust boot itself, where the Suckit has twelve. The vertical slides on the X-carve system are wider and mount directly to the spindle mount.

@Shane_M Did you ever find a solution to this? I just got my XCarve dust shoe and am considering upgrading my Z axis to the CNC4Newbies. Hoping the dust shoe is not a complete loss if I do.

Actually, I did. Unfortunately, since this post I’ve actually sold the X-Carve and all its accessories and built a new machine based on OpenBuilds’ rail so I’m working by memory here. I know that I had found some aluminum T-slot that the stock X-Carve slides fit neatly into and mounted them to the X axis on either side of the new CNC Newbies Z (right against either side). I know there was no adapter plate of any kind on the stock dust shoe to fit in the stock sliders, but the fit was pretty tight.

The solution will depend on which Z you get from those guys also, as some are wider than others. My new machine has the “NEMA23 Wide” version and if I tried to use the X-Carve dust collector it would take quite a bit more adaptation due to the size of the spindle mount.

Sooooo, TLDR: Yes I did. Used plain aluminum T-channel that fit the stock slides. Be careful with your placement. :slight_smile:

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just trim off the excess from your dust boot rails, drill and counter sink holes in the dust boot rail channels and drill matching holes in the Z carriage, line those puppies up and slide a machine bolt through, attach a nut on the inside of the carriage and bobs your uncle

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Thank you!