Lines - Back and Forth

In my design I have a line that doesn’t connect. When simulating the cut, the X-Carve starts at one end of the line, plunges, moves to the end of the line, retracts, then moves back to the first part of the line and repeats the process.

This seems like a lot of wasted time in moving back to the starting point every time. Is there a setting or way to have it just go from start to end, plunge deeper, than go from end to start, and go back and forth until complete?

I am not sure that even the more complex programs will do that.

It can be done in Fusion 360 using a trace toolpath.

@michaywood I don’t think there is a way to do this in Easel.


Thanks! I see this setting and the ‘Both ways’ setting in the Trace tool path settings for doing this in F360.

In this case, letting Easel just waste the extra time will be a lot less time spent than me trying to learn F360 carving for the first time! :joy:

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