Linkage Mechanism Designer and Simulator

I found this while on another site. I thought I would share.
Best of all, it is free and not like in beer!

Linkage is a computer aided design program used for quick prototyping of linkage mechanisms. The number of operations needed to add a link and get it connected to other links in the mechanism has been minimized to the lowest number possible, making this program ideal for “throwing together” a working machine. The mechanism is edited and animated in the same window allowing for quick analysis and modification while working on a design. It is simplistic for a CAD program but that is the intent.

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My favorite class during my Mechanical Engineering curriculum was Synthesis of Mechanisms where we focused primarily on Grashoff cranks and 4-bar mechanisms. For our semester project, we all made ornithopters. Very cool!

Yeah, that came up in a Reddit discussion a while back, and added to:

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