Linux local Easel using Adafruit Node.js xcarve-server

I’m curious if anyone has tried to connect Easel to a locally running version of the xcarve-server which is described at Basically, they are using a Rasperry Pi to control an X-Carve, still using Easel.

It seems like it should be possible to install that xcarve-server on a Linux machine that is running Easel and have it send the X-Carve information it needs to run.


Thanks for the info. I’m currently running Linuxcnc under Debian so I should be able to get this going without too much drama.
Of course if Inventables would release an Easel local for Linux, this would all be unnecessary. :grinning:

Hey Geoff,

I got both the xcarve-server and xcarve-proxy installed on my Linux machine pretty easily. But the trick now is to get Easel to think that you’ve got the local drivers installed. I’m going to have a look in the debug console and in a logging console on my Mac to see what it’s doing for local communication. Basically if we can setup a local service that emulates that, we should be in business.

I’m liking Easel alot, I just hate having to drag my Mac into the shop, especially since it belongs to my employer. I have a Linux beater that would be perfect for this.