List of matirials

Has anyone a list of wood species and in what for category you best can put it in.I mean if you go to material list to select you’re materials and I’m using oak ore pine, whits material you put it in?


I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask. Can you elaborate?

I’m thinking in Easel. Having a piece of wood to cut that’s not listed in the material list.

@JBoer In Easel, I pick the material that is closest in density to the actual wood that I am using. For pine I typically pick Birch or Bamboo…for Oak I choose Walnut or Bubinga. In the end though, I always change the Depth Per Pass and Feed Rate that I feel is best for the material with my machine set up. I don’t use the 300W spindle, so whatever spindle you use will have an impact on what depth/feed you decide to use. If you’re using the stock spindle, I would use the default depth/feed that Easel has in it until you get a good feel for what the machine can/can’t handle.

Thank. now i have a bit of guide and hope to brake no more bits.
Think that my translation from dutch to english to direct is (I think)
And yes for now I have the 300W motor on it. but just prepared a makita 700W whit outside controls
Thanks a lot


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