Lithophane tool App

If an Easel app could be written that would perform like I would be a very happy camper.

Having the ability to import a .jpg file tweak a few parameters and have a lithophane tool path created all within the same software tool would be magical.

There is an open source tool that does mostly the same thing at Trace2SCAD: Converting Images Into OpenSCAD Models.


very much yes

Seems like a reasonable request. @paulkaplan what do you think?

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Well Easel cannot import a 3D surface like that, but it is possible to approximate it if you had an image vectorizer that could handle multiple colors.

The New Easel App would import a jpeg image file (like the vectorizer does now) and then convert that imported image into a 3D depth mapped image with the lightest colors being the deepest cut.

hi all i want to make something like this but with a another image, can some one tell me how to make it please?
it’s a mix between the lithophane of the moon and an image.